Airlines need their passengers to be happy. The prime goal of an Airline co. is to acquire as many new customers, while having the previous ones coming back to them each time they travel by air. Through many surveys, it has been noted that frequently upgraded top notch customer service is a major differentiator in the airline industry. It's the key to remaining on top of the curve, coming as the most effective way to boost airline productivity and bottom-line. However, Airlines come up against competitive standards in the global air transport industry. They face accelerated demands on existing infrastructure in response to passenger growth and variable footfall.

To meet these demands, airline authorities may need to find cost-effective ways to economically manage their resources on the day-of-operation and plan effectively into the future. This calls for reliable and proven mobility solutions that help them manage growth without compromise and at the same time meet and exceed the demands of the customers. Centrally linked mobile technologies play a major role in facilitating operational and administrative ease which is attained through implementation of systems across the Airport that optimize the use of mobile technology to address operational requirements.

This is where Maxworth steps in and provides custom aviation mobility solutions tailored to the specific needs of our clientele. Mobility forms the basis of progress for an Airline Co. as it catalyses cost reduction and provides improved:

  • Operational efficiency
  • Aircraft turnaround
  • Customer service
  • Workforce productivity

Our solutions are designed for three tier benefit ends i.e. customer, workforce and authorities. By associating with us, the authorities achieve the benefit of incremental revenues as we provide solutions that boost up ancillary revenues (DOUBT). Also, our solutions help them enjoy the perks of integration as they facilitate an aware ecosystem with real time information, faster reaction time, higher agility and improved safety. At the passenger end, our solutions open doors for ease and agility of crucial tasks such as check-in and boarding. They render greater control and convenience to the customer. Both the passenger and servicemen are spared from the hassles of queuing, owing to less paper (tickets & BP) and manual data entry.

Our workforce mobility solutions impart real time access to managers which helps in making business decisions and approvals. The field engineers benefit by receiving, resolving and reporting on incidents in real time. Moreover, all of this happens quickly and effortlessly.

By adopting mobile technology through our solutions, Airlines are not only making their passengers and workforce happy but subsequently tasting a bite of that happiness themselves.