Aviation Printers

Aviation Printers

Airline staff typically find it a challenge to deal with limitation of resources when it comes to handling customers at check-ins. Usually, there are one or two check-in counters to handle the passengers and an equal number of aviation printers to deliver the passes. Maxworth provides printing and mobility solutions that take airline customer service levels to an entirely new level.

Bar Code Printers

Maxworth offers a range of programmable barcode printers that allow you to optimize your printing needs and achieve faster ROI. These printers are developed to meet the demands of mission-critical applications with features like:

  • Ruggedness
  • Reliable and secure connectivity
  • Compliance with latest network protocols

Smart Printers

Maxworth's smart printers work as stand-alone units that improve productivity, minimizes errors and streamline your operational procedures, helping deliver faster services to your customers (passengers). These printers can help reduce the burden on computers and help your staff have control over other resources such as scanners and scales. This means there will be reduction in costs and complications and improved efficiency.

Rugged Printers

We provide some of the most rugged and compact printers that can last longer and in the most intensive conditions. Our range of aviation printers are designed to reduce maintenance and downtime, and for delivering consistent performance across a wide range of media types. Your workforce can instantly replace the printheads and get back to work without keeping your customers waiting.

Secure Connectivity

Maxworth provides aviation printers that can be connected wirelessly and securely via a variety of interface options. Our Wi-Fi connected printers help enhance the mobility factor in your business, enabling your staff to manage passengers anywhere within the airport, helping improve customer service, sales and company bottom-line.

Besides, the printers can be connected via traditional interfaces. Some of our aviation printers are complemented with additional memory through memory slots for handling almost any type of requirement.