Document Readers

Document Readers

Technology is finding growing application in the field of verification and identification of identity in a wide range of settings from private to government establishments. Manually checking and verifying documents can take a lot of time and manpower, but with document readers the task becomes easier, faster and error-free.

Maxworth provides document readers for identity verification and authentication that could be used by authorities in a wide range of settings. It has increasingly become a challenge to process the large movement of the public at airports and ports because of the increasing complexity of documents. Maxworth offers a variety of mobile and fixed document reading solution for reading travel and identity documents. The mobile options can help in queue busting, such as at public buildings, airport check-ins and security points.

At Maxworth, we provide document reading solutions that can make data entry into a highly efficient and faster task. The systems can be used for reading travel documents, passports, VISAs and identity carts. The range of document scanning products on offer includes high-resolution passport scanners to OCR readers. They come integrated with the latest RFID reading technology.

OCR Readers

Our lightweight and compact OCR readers are designed for reading a variety of documents, especially ID cards and passports. They are designed for use with portable and handheld data terminals and with desktops. Our bi-directional readers could be used for reading multi-line MRZs from different types of documents including ID cards, VISAs, passports and other travel documents. The devices are integrated with OCR decoder too. Our sophisticated recognition system provides instant and reliable document reading.

Some of our models integrate a multi-track MSR and could also read debit and credit cards, and other cards like frequent flyer cards and loyalty cards. The technology can also be used for processing on-site payments helping your staff bust queues and improve productivity and sales.