Field Mobility

Field mobility is a term that can mean several things depending on the type of business you are considering. The term often encompasses applications like field service, repairs, sales, delivery and inspections. The key aspect that ties all these applications together is that people need instant access to data in the field, be it for updating new information or using existing information for various tasks.Across the Globe, it is estimated there are more than one billion mobile workers. In case you are an enterprise that offers services, they are one of the most important direct interactions you have with your customers. Giving your mobile workforce accurate, real-time information and the relevant resources to do their job not only increases productivity but also dramatically improves customer satisfaction.

With the right technology in place, field surveying and servicing processes can be made more agile, efficient and error free. This can be achieved by implementing mobility and automation in field servicing and surveying duties. Businesses have been accomplishing these tasks with manual paper based systems in the past. However, the proliferation of mobile computing devices has opened opportunities to improve existing processes and offer newer services that were not possible with static systems such as closing more deals on the spot.

People involved in businesses are well aware of the fact that access to technical resources, customer data, stock availability and route scheduling can be the difference between a satisfied customer and a lost opportunity. With integrated management software and handheld computers, you can fully mobilize your workforce to be more informed and productive.

Maxworth provides an integrated field mobility solution that can completely do away with paperwork, improve service levels and increase revenues while eliminating the gap between the network of resources your business has in the office and your workers out on the field.