Ground to Air Radio

Ground to Air Radio

Maxworth is a specialist in technology for airspace and maritime communication. Having provided high-end mobility solutions to its clients, Maxworth offers a range of high performance ground to air radio systems for ATC applications.

The Ground to Air Radio systems can be used in a wide range of settings and industries where there is need for voice communication. Our radio devices are designed to meet the demand for current and future voice and digital communication. The special modular architecture provides compact radio systems that deliver reliability while simplifying everything ranging from installation to maintenance.

We have built a reputation in the airlines industry, providing the most advanced products. We can develop custom-based solutions using accessories developed by our trusted and high-end suppliers.

UHF Digital Radios

Our series of UHF digital radios have been developed for providing ground to air communication in specific frequency range meant only for the aviation industry. The radios offer exceptional audio performance combined with unparalleled RF performance even in environments with high EM interference. Some of the factors that help make our radios important tools in the professional scenario are:

  • VoIP
  • AM / FM modulation
  • High MTBF
  • RC via SNMP

At Maxworth, we have developed a series of UHF / VHF power amplifiers. We rely on the state-of-the-art technology developed by our partners for designing amplifiers with internal gain loop. They provide significantly low distortion and exceptional gain flatness over the entire range of frequency. The systems also feature internal bypass relays for standby or main and transceiver setup.

If you are looking for industry-leading ground to air radio solution, make sure to contact Maxworth. Contact us to provide you custom range of tech solutions based on the specific needs of your industry.