Expansive social media can be a boon or bane for any business these days. Customers typically voice their good as well as not so good experience on the internet. For the hospitality industry this is even more relevant as client service is the bottom-line here. The complex and challenging hospitality environment calls for understanding and anticipating the needs of your customer. These aspects are critically important for the success of your hospitality business.

As competition provides upgraded services and better deals, the customer expects only the best. One has to take measures in maximizing guest satisfaction whilst minimizing cost. Without the appropriate tools and systems, this can be like squaring a circle. Mobility and data automation facilitated by IT solutions render means for streamlining various operations in your facility. The benefits furnished by these systems trickle down to the customer end and reflect positively on your administration.

Memorable experience is a key element for retention, loyalty and customer satisfaction. Service differentiation, automated mobile check-in, automated orders and billing procedures, managing facilities/ tasks through mobility are some of the processes that directly or indirectly help you provide top notch services. Maxworth provides these integrated systems and many other customized solutions designed especially for the hospitality sector. We understand the customer has to be put on the highest pedestal in your business.

Mobile hospitality solutions enable employees to strengthen guest relationships, increase efficiency, and generate new revenue streams. Various operations are made more efficient, agile and accurate as they are facilitated by mobility and automation. The best facet is that these systems overcome all the challenges which are posed by manual operations. This results in simplicity, ease and boosted employee productivity at the employee end, keeping them happy and stress free. Hospitality teams need to integrate both guest and employee demands when implementing a mobile strategy to last throughout the entire guest lifecycle in order to increase loyalty amongst today’s ‘on-the-move’ consumer.

Our systems are powered by a wide range of hardware devices and software services. Our solution architects help you pick the most appropriate hardware and services for your business need. Mobility and data automation play a key role from both the client and administration perspective. Our solutions provide an opportunity for you to create distinguished business value so that your customers keep coming back to you whilst extending a positive word of mouth.