Mobile Computers

Mobile Computers

Mobile computers have become an essential part of solution providers in the modern business environment that is highly dependent on access to accurate data for making business decisions. These enterprise solutions enable your staff to capture and share business-critical information based on specific demands. Maxworth provides a complete range of mobile computers so that your mobile workforce can achieve success in their tasks.

Types of Mobile Computers

Maxworth has a complete range of mobile computers to address different types of needs.

Handheld Mobile Computers

Our single-device mobile computers are designed specifically for public offices, retail, mobile fleets and logistics among others. The devices help instantly take your organizational knowledge to the field.

Vehicle Mounted Computers

Our vehicle mounted mobile computers are designed to help you carry reliable and real-time data wherever you go – on site, on the road or in the warehouse.

POS Tablets

Maxworth's POS tablets combine the ergonomic design and user-friendliness of the tablet with the performance, lifecycle and reliability of a device that is designed for the enterprise.

Wearable Mobile Computers

Our wearable mobile computers are highly durable and comfortable devices designed with the most advanced data capturing and voice technology, helping maintain your staffs' hands and eyes on the job at hand.

Besides offering a complete suite of mobile computers, we also provide complete range of mobile computer accessories. We provide the ideal accessories for ensuring that your processes keep working in order.

The range of accessories on offer includes:

  • Batteries and accessories
  • Chargers
  • Carry accessories
  • Cables
  • Headsets
  • Cradles
  • Mounting hardware
  • Keyboards
  • Stylus
  • Power supplies
  • Snap-on
  • Protection accessories

Equipped with our mobile computers, your on-site and mobile workforce will be able to receive accurate and timely information. They will be able to handle the demands of your customers with feature-rich and highly robust devices.