In order to convert browsing into shopping,retailers aspire to bringvalue and relevanceto the retail in-store shopping experience. Of late retailers have encountered a shift in the way consumers make purchases and interact with brands. The aware and informed, on the move consumer knows he has many options to choose from and will only settle for the best in terms of: service, prices and other add-ons. As a move to survive in the competitive market, retailers are adopting mobility and data automation techniques which add momentum to their enterprise activities. These technologies offer opportunities for strong analytics, enabling better marketing schemes which trickle down as a good customer growth rate.
Once a customer visits your store, he is likely to appreciate exceptional customer engagement and service. Mobility solutions such as POS help you deliver the aforementioned, which results in your customer coming back to you every time he has to make a purchase.

The third tier benefit of mobility is at the employee end. The staff is empowered with tools that render access to information on the fly, and help them assist the customer in a much better way. Regular operations such as managing assets and inventory, if automated, can be conducted more frequently.
The prime challenge that automation addresses is curbing manual efforts. This eases the stress on management as operations are error free and agile.

Maxworth provides end to end mobility solutions that help you better deal with today’s sophisticated and demanding shopper.
Manual paper based process require you to put in a lot of time and efforts. There is also much scope for errors into your day to day processes. Another hassle might come off as duplication of data entry where information id first collected on paper and then entered into a spread sheet or other program where it’s finally visible.
By eliminating manual work, our systems bring about ease, agility and accuracy into your operations. Some of the broad advantages that mobility delivers are: better management of assets, keeping data safe and visible, traceability and quick transactions.

If you think your business could make good use of mobility and automation based systems, you are most welcome to browse through our solutions. We assure you that each solution in our suite will deliver a delightful experience to you, your employees and most importantly, your customer.