The number of mobile subscribers in the world has crossed the 5 billion mark a long time ago. However, the percentage of penetration is still low, which means there is considerableroom for growth.While the penetration rate is almost 100% in developedcountries, it is growing at a staggering rate in rural markets.

Telecom service providers are always under pressure for improvingtheir services to attract new subscribers while retaining their existing subscribers. With the ARPU (voice) dropping at a steady rate, providers are beginning to explore other products including video and data services for increasing revenue.At Maxworth, we provide special device and application based enterprise solutionsto help telecom providers improve their employeeefficiency and productivity.

Our telecom mobility solutions enable providers to improve employee efficiency and productivity through our handheld device solutions that provide on-the-go and anytime access to data.Our user profiling solutions improve your business propositions via in-depth analysis of large volume of user data. The analysis of large volume of user data helps in development of user profile and recommendations for influencing customer behavior.

At Maxworthwe provide end-to-end services from the planning phase to support.Some of the main aspects of our telecom mobility solutions are:

  • Customer management
  • Field force automation
  • Dynamicdispatching
  • Asset management
  • Work order automation
  • Telematics
  • Spare parts logistics

At Maxworth, we bring in years of experience in the industry, drawn from our relationships with OEMs, ODMs, TSPs and other telecom industry entities.We know that speed, scalability and simplicity are the main factors that could result in mass acceptance in the mobilityspace and we are delivering exactly that. Mobility is fast becoming a major platform for business innovation and as the leading expert in the industry, Maxworth is your leading choice.