Maxworth wireless solutions are a result of constant innovation for delivering intuitive solutions. Usually, voice traffic gets carried on a cellular or wi-fi network and data traffic on a wi-fi network if it is available. Voice over Wireless LAN refers to voice traffic carried over WI-Fi network. If VoWLAN is developed and implemented accurately, it can deliver high quality voice to your workforce that is dependent on Wi-Fi network for connectivity. Your staff needs much more than smart phones for delivering high quality VoWLAN.

You need purpose built wireless communications devices that can deliver reliable VoWLAN and this is where Maxworth comes into the picture. There are three major industries where the workforce require wireless communication solutions:

  • Retail – Associates working on the sales floor;
  • Manufacturing – A worker or a warehouse manager;
  • Healthcare - Nurses and other medical professionals need to communicate when they are moving around within the hospital premises;

However, the demand is growing in all the other sectors too.

The Need for Voice

If information is transferred on Wi-Fi network, it is possible that the data may get lost or delayed during transmission. Whenever this happens, the packets are resent or rectified, and this process could take just a tiny fraction of a second and it doesn't affect the process such as transfer of files or web browsing. The same issues are involved in the case of voice over WLAN. This can result in loss of clarity in voices. This requires the VoWLAN be implemented in a way that only high quality calls are enabled. This is possible only when priority is given to voice transmissions over other network traffic.

Maxworth provides the highest quality wireless mobility solutions for your organization, addressing all these communication issues. We provide custom communication solutions for different industries.