Document Readers

Document reader is a data input device that reads data from various sources such as identity and travel documents,...

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Passport Reader

Passport Reader

Automated Data Entry: Computer systems capable of reading passports, travel documents, ID cards and VISAs This is an essential demand of the security industry. Our passport reader products are designed to meet the latest demands of travel document reading, passport reading, visa and ID card OCR reading. We offer a range of products from a uniquely high-resolution, full-page passport scanner (passport capturing and recognition device) to a multi-row OCR reader for the MRZ. The RFID reading technology is also integrated part of our new passport reader models.

OCR Reader

OCR312 and OCR313 USB OCR Reader with Optional MSR Reader

The OCR312 is a compact and light OCR reader for passports and national identity cards. It is intended for use with a wide variety of handheld and portable data terminals as well as connection to standard desktop PC's.

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