Aviation Industry uses Mobility solution to offer better service to passengers at various touch points...

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Terminal Management

Airports come up against competitive standards in the global air transport industry. They face accelerated demands on existing infrastructure in response to passenger growth. As a result airport authorities need to find cost-effective ways to economically manage airport resources on the day-of-operation and plan effectively into the future. They need to utilize reliable and proven IT solutions that help them manage growth without compromise and at the same time meet and exceed the demands of their customers.

Roving Agent

The prime goals of an Airline company are likely to be streamlined operations and engaged workforce resulting in happy passengers. The Check-In counter at the Airport is the first point of interaction between the airline and it’s passengers. Therefore, like any other first impression, they would want it to be exceptional experience. Being forced to stand in a queue for a long time may lead to just the opposite.

Baggage Service

For a traveler, nothing is more disturbing than watching the conveyor belt deliver its last bag, with theirs being nowhere in sight. The passenger ends up hoping that the baggage will turn up eventually, making a miraculous re-appearance. When it does not, inconvenience comes out in the form of rants and complaints. Dealing with an annoyed passenger who has had the unpleasant surprise of arrival without the luggage, is not an easy position to be in. The best an airline can offer, in such a situation is on-the-spot hassle free assistance in registering their complaints.

Lounge access & revenue Management

Managing lounge services and revenues may prove to be a jumbo task for Airline and lounge operators. Problem centres vary for all the parties. Airline companies face issues of revenue integrity and protection whereas lounge operators seek to automate resource intensive tasks. Automation of operation, centrally linked technologies and an effective IT system play a major role in facilitating procedural and administrative ease. This is attained through implementation of systems for services across lounges which optimize the use of technology to address operational requirements.

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