Mobile Data Applications provide real-time communication of mission-critical information...

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mobile biometrics

Of late, growing computing power and accurately crafted algorithms have made it possible to automate detection of patterns of similarity in many different things—such as fingerprints. Fingerprint details are supposed to be unique to each person (and each finger). They are one of themost mature biometric technologies used in forensics. Positive identification of individuals is an essential societal requirement and it’s important to have electronic verification of a person’s identity.

field survey

Organizations, both large and small, come up against competitive standards in the ever fluctuating economy. They face accelerated demands on resources in response to growth in business. As a result, they need to find cost effective ways to economically manage their reserves and plan effectively into the future. Reliable and proven IT solutions help them manage growth without compromise and at the same time meet and exceed the demands of their partners and clients.


As transport law enforcement department, you would want ease of administrative backlogs and streamlined operations in your division as well as the courts. It can be attained by ergonomic functionality of various administrative and on-road operations. However, the cities are developing at rapid pace. New roads and vehicles are being added to the already extensive scope of traffic that the transport department has to monitor. Additionally, you might face shortage of staff strength and amenities. In such a scenario, disentangled proceedings may come off as a goal hard to attain.

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