Field Mobility

Enterprises all over the world have discovered the value of mobilizing field-based applications...

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Field service

Organizations are continuously looking for a competitive advantage, decreased costs and improved services that earn the goodwill of customer. They realize that the key to achieving all this is to have real time access to business information, when and where it’s needed the most. This not only boosts productivity but reduces the average cost per job, helping them to “do more with less”. Also, with access to real time business information, asset intensive industries with field operation teams can proactively maintain assets while reducing costs.

automobile service management

An automobile comes off as a unique product having a service component that affects the overall experience of customers. According to a study, the margin earned through sales accounts for 24% whereas that earned through after sales services accounts for 76%. Therefore it’s critical to focus on the service experience of customers as it has major contribution to the bottom-line of an automobile dealership. For a typical automobile, a customer visits the workshop 3-5 times per year for regular maintenance and intermittent repairs.

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