In the hospitality industry, service is king. Mobile solution provides the real-timeinformation your employees...

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Task management

While managing enterprise related tasks and complaints, you might have faced the age old question of whether to choose contemporary alternatives over conventional options. Alternative options provide automation, agility and cost effectiveness thus rendering levels of efficiency which their traditional counterparts cannot accomplish.

online order taking

Restaurants are one of those businesses where service component affects the overall experience of customers. Apart from flavorsome gourmet meals, fancy environment and smart staff a lot more can be done in terms of customer service. Even in a negative economy, experience is a high priority for customers, with 60% often or always paying more for a better experience. As a result, 81% of companies with strong capabilities and competencies for delivering excellent customer experience are outperforming their competition.

facilities management

Managing facilities can be a burdensome task in a jumbo territory. The vast expanse calls for thorough tracking and controlling of multiple situations. Various hard and soft services have to be taken care of,such as inspection and maintenance of buildings, asset management and auditing, fire safety and security etc. Proper administration and management of operations reflects back positively on staff whereas inefficient management of facilities leads to unseen cases of disrupted and incomplete actions.

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