automobile service management

An automobile comes off as a unique product having a service component that affects the overall experience of customers. According to a study, the margin earned through sales accounts for 24% whereas that earned through after sales services accounts for 76%. Therefore it’s critical to focus on the service experience of customers as it has major contribution to the bottom-line of an automobile dealership. For a typical automobile, a customer visits the workshop 3-5 times per year for regular maintenance and intermittent repairs. This makes the service visits to be much more as compared to the single sales visit. Thus the ratio of overall experiences is skewed towards after sales services. Moreover, service quality has 75% impact on customer satisfaction leaving just 25% to product quality. Furthermore, the automobile service provider has little control over the product quality which is mainly controlled by manufacturer. The best they can do is focus on service quality.

The service impact on customer is most prominent at three stages; service initiation, in-service experience and service delivery.

Servicing initiates the moment a customer gets their vehicle into the service center. Convenience and speed with which customer’s presence gets acknowledged determines the satisfaction level. At the gate, a job slip is written by the service person and handed over to the customer who further goes in to present it to the service advisor. Service advisor is the link between customer and workman. How effectively he is able to consider and make suggestions is another aspect of service that the customer evaluates.

However everything is not plain and simple. Manual data entry at the gate may turn out to be a time consuming and error prone process. Customers are bound to be irritated if they have to wait in queues for procuring their job slips. And this is just the beginning of the service. This conventional method may prove to be even more disadvantageous at the service advisor’s end when they are supposed to look for repair history. Looking through tremendous amount of data can be very time consuming and tends to annoy both the service advisor and the customer. Often, due to lack of real time information about inventory, auto parts available and schedules, the service advisor may not be able to give adequate information about service, cost and schedule to the customer. Also, in case of serious damage, it’s difficult to keep track of all the fault areas.

If there is a gap in understanding and noting down the requirements or appropriate information given to the customer, there might be an increase in the magnitude of problems during delivery when the customer’s expectations are not matched. At the time of service delivery there might be delays due to invoice generation, billing and payments, offering detailed reports to the customer etc.

Our automobile service management solution tackles these problems while making the service process more agile which results in a positive impression on the customer. Due to mobility, the solution can be used in service center, customer residence or remote location to improve customer experience.

The solution consists of mobile hardware such as computers, printers, scanners and optical card readers. This hardware is powered by custom software that handles various details like Inventory, Billing, Job card, Sales and Service, Repair History etc. The customized automobile service station management software helps you to maintain details of your inventory, generate bills for counter sales and work orders and generate Job cards. The system creates various reports of the inventory like the complete report of all items in the inventory and their quantities and the items in short supply (below reorder level) and which have to be ordered. Service advisors can also view the repair history of any vehicle which was serviced at their station.

The vehicle registration number, odometer reading, fuel, date in and date out as well as the person (Mechanic) to whom the job is allocated to can be entered into the mobile computer. Based on this and the type of service rendered, a printed receipt can be given for customer ease. Provision for signature capture and payment via cards has also been made.
In some cases, the customer does not need to come to the service station at all. Based on a pre-scheduled appointment the mechanic can go to the customer and perform the services. All this happens with the mobile solution at hand.

The system takes care of all your business requirements and bridges the gap between your financial system, inventory and customer records.

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