Baggage Service

For a traveler, nothing is more disturbing than watching the conveyor belt deliver its last bag, with theirs being nowhere in sight. The passenger ends up hoping that the baggage will turn up eventually, making a miraculous re-appearance. When it does not, inconvenience comes out in the form of rants and complaints. Dealing with an annoyed passenger who has had the unpleasant surprise of arrival without the luggage, is not an easy position to be in. The best an airline can offer, in such a situation is on-the-spot hassle free assistance in registering their complaints.

The traditional process for handling baggage complaints is to set up a counter at the airport manned by service agents. These agents note down or keypunch details of the lost/damaged baggage and the corresponding passenger. In case the lost baggage is not found and reimbursement is to be given for damaged bag, the airline contacts the passenger and the necessary action is taken. This process, however simple, has many pitfalls.

First off, it requires the already annoyed passenger to look up the counter and stand in a queue, to register the complaint. An already irritated and harried passenger may not have the time and patience for doing so. Secondly, manually entering is time consuming and error prone. According to reports, most found items are never returned to their owners because linking a found item to passenger is just too difficult, owing to incorrect or insufficient data. Also, the system may not provide detailed receipts or reports for passenger convenience.

We may think that these are rare occurrence, but the surprising fact is that 26m pieces of bags go missing every year. In this age & time where social networking is a key marketing tool, such experience shared online can be harmful for a brand image. 

Our “Baggage services” solution brings agility and accuracy to the process by granting automation and mobility. 

The solution equips service personnel with a handheld mobile computer and printer. This makes the service agents mobile and allow their presence in the baggage claim region, standing right next to the conveyor belt. The troubled passenger does not have to go looking for counters or line up in another queue after boarding and check-in. Moreover, the airline does not need to set up a separate counter, thus saving space and capital.

The solution comes equipped with inbuilt scanner facility to scan the bag tag and passenger boarding pass. The details are stored into the database and a report is generated.  It can be conveniently updated as and when it is required by the passenger or the airline (depending upon progress status of the complaint). An inbuilt camera allows photographs to be taken in case of damaged baggage. The mobile printer prints a receipt for customer convenience.

The solution has provision to add contact details and other useful information regarding passenger's current/future locationor time spent at a particular location etc.which may be very useful to the airline while returning lost baggage to their owners.

By reducing procedural complexities, the solution fully manages and automates the primary mishandled baggage process.All this takes a few seconds leaving the customer free to go, slightly mollified.