cylinder tracking

Companies engaged in the manufacture of chemical based industrial intermediates use cylinders as the main supply method to distribute industrial gases to their customers. They make considerable investment in gas cylinders- a key returnable asset. In these economically challenging times, efficient management of cylinders becomes a necessity in order to obtain optimum asset utilization and visibility. This practise also curbs revenue losses and leakage.

Industry insiders know that manual data entry and reading can take up a lot of their workers time as the process is repeated during receiving, filling and tracking. Moreover, this data is prone to errors. According to a survey, 10% of manual entries are incorrect. In addition, there may be chances of data tampering leading to revenue leakage caused by theft of cylinders. Also, rotational use of cylinders tends to be uneven.

Ultimately, lack of updated data and operational status may often result in inability to easily locate assets when they are most needed.

One option is to employ barcode technology based tracking techniques. However, owing to harsh nature of the environment they become unreadable. RFID technology overcomes the handicaps of barcodes and provides additional benefits. Tags designed specifically for cylinders can be attached on the cylinders and can be read from anywhere, as they do not require a line of sight. They can also withstand harsh environments and extreme conditions. Mud and oil do not hinder reading.

The technology uses readers that store and decipher information reflected back from rfid tags. Each tag has a unique identification code that ensures easy asset tracking and visibility. Our cylinder tracking solution employs this technology with programmable tags thatstore data such as weight, contents and other details of the cylinder to which it is attached. All of this information is managed by the web based application which handles multiple aspects such as: Receipt, Production, Issue, Testing, Service, Invoicing, Delivery, and Pickup of cylinders. The enterprise enjoys dynamic web-based real time reports that provide the option to analyse data from anywhere.

Another aspect of the solution is mobile computing which allows management at the point of use. The easy to use interfaces provided by the web and mobile applications allow minimal training and simplicity of operation.

Our solution helps curb manual operations in the cylinder tracking process and helps improve cylinder turnaround and control.

Technical/solution features:

  • Special tags designed to work on metal cylinders
  • Tolerance option for outgoing cylinder
  • Real time graphical MIS reports
  • Allows multiple filling stations to function simultaneously
  • Application is simple to use; less time and efforts required for making staff familiar
  • Allows exclusive options for administrators and supervisors
  • Deviation from standards checked and reported at each level

Solution benefits:

  • Curbs dependence on paper/manual work; free up staff for other operations; elevates productivity
  • Brings agility and accuracy in operation; limits losses
  • Eliminates theft of cylinders; provides clearer visibility;
  • Ensures all resources are used to optimum potential; improved asset management ; rotational use of cylinders made easy