facilities management

Managing facilities can be a burdensome task in a jumbo territory. The vast expanse calls for thorough tracking and controlling of multiple situations. Various hard and soft services have to be taken care of,such as inspection and maintenance of buildings, asset management and auditing, fire safety and security etc. Proper administration and management of operations reflects back positively on staff whereas inefficient management of facilities leads to unseen cases of disrupted and incomplete actions.

The conventional facilities management process is to manually invigilate with a wad of paper and pen and fill validation forms or take notes. Often there are maintenance actions to be carried out where proof and details of actions are to be noted down. When workers use clipboard and paper the potential issues that arise act as a catalyzing force in pulling the productivity and efficiency down. Due to too much reliance on paperwork and manual data entry, chances of error are multiplied, putting data accuracy at stake. Usually, there are no dependable means to get on-time information and incident reports. In such a scenario, deviations from standards tend to go unnoticed and the administration faces delays and increased turnaround time. Another shortcoming is that it requires a lot of duplication of efforts which leads to plenty of wastage of time subsequently resulting in low workforce productivity. Moreover, if one wants to implement preventive and corrective maintenance processes, it becomes very difficult.

To top it all, conventional facility management procedures make management very difficult as there is no way to validate that all stops were actually made and all the required tasks were executed. To keep a constant check, one would require a larger than necessary workforce.

The most rational option in this case is to adopt mobility and automation. Our facility management solution automates the “monitor and control” process of various operations on an interlinked network of hardware and custom software.

The automated mobility solution renders improved data accuracy with lesser efforts at the administrative and serviceperson’s end. Electronic collection of new types of information can provide double and triple check of data validity. Paperwork reduction also boosts workforce utilization. The strongest point of the solution is Real time visibility which eliminates the risk associated with a forgotten step.

The solution is made up of handheld mobile computers powered by custom software made as per the facilities that have to be managed. The software application is designed in a simple forms based format that is easy to get familiar with. The mobile computer comes with multiple features that form crucial aspects of the facilities management process:

Barcode scanning: Barcodes are placed at exit gates. The mobile computer comes with barcode scanning capabilities which help validate and report the frequency of checks and stops made.

GPS: When a barcode is scanned, the integrated GPS can geostamp the location providing the proof of location and the time that location was visited.

Wi-Fi and cellular wireless connectivity: Allows the works to update and receive real time reports. It keeps them connected to business data, co-workers and supervisors.

Apart from the above, an integrated camera allows images to be captured, rugged design allows utility even in the harshest conditions and a high power battery supports full time shifts without the need to recharge.

Our solution is based on simple procedures that improve worker’s on-the-job satisfaction while rendering high levels of productivity and accuracy. The administration can enjoy better workforce management and reduced risk.