Field service

Organizations are continuously looking for a competitive advantage, decreased costs and improved services that earn the goodwill of customer. They realize that the key to achieving all this is to have real time access to business information, when and where it’s needed the most. This not only boosts productivity but reduces the average cost per job, helping them to “do more with less”. Also, with access to real time business information, asset intensive industries with field operation teams can proactively maintain assets while reducing costs.

Field workers are the most important direct interactions your business has with your customers. Their operative performance is crucial to a positive customer experience. Empowering your workforce with the tools they need to succeed in the field has become the best practice for businesses of all sizes. Access to technical resources, customer data, stock availability and route scheduling can pose to be the difference between a satisfied customer and a lost opportunity.

Paperwork based field service operations are not capable of utilizing or updating real time records of information for your business. In cases where readings have to be noted down (maintenance and repair) or servicemen are dealing with multiple data input, conventional processes tend to be tardy and error prone. Every minute that is wasted in the field directly translates into slower service to your customers and loss of profitability. Also, some issues grow as the customer needs change. It leads to follow up service visits, unnecessary costs and multiplied strain on the business. While the servicemen are on the field, the administration at the office might have little or no control/command over the tasks being performed by the personnel. The only proof of service is customer signature on data pads and forms. Managers having real time field data that they can trust, is a must. Traditional static field servicing methods often account for a gap between the networks of resources your business has in the office and your workers out there in the service areas.

Our Field service/mobile workforce management solution enables companies to deliver superior field service and customer satisfaction. Mobility transforms the way field technicians process orders by taking business process to service sites and allows them to complete work on time. The basic components of our “Field service” solution are:

Field management software: The software application determines how your workforce conducts business and their effectiveness. Checkboxes and forms based application ensure that the servicemen find it simple to operate.

Mobile computer/tablet PC: The mobile device is the prime tool and information source your employees will have in the field. Apart from running the software, the device provides connectivity to server via. Wi-Fi and GPS connectivity for updating and obtaining real time information.The device is also equipped with scanners to read barcodes, if the operation requires them to do so.

Portable printer: - For many applications, each transaction will need to end with a receipt. Workers need a means to provide customers a record of the services provided. The portable thermal printer is connected to the mobile computer via. Bluetooth and prints receipts on the spot.

The solution facilitates real time reporting, analysis, scheduling, and even long-term planning. It transforms the way field technicians process orders by taking business processes to the service site and allowing them to complete work on time, every time. Every worker you send out into the field has access to every resource and functionality you normally could only have at the office or warehouse. Superior field services and customer satisfaction are a bonus.

(note: the features and solution benefits are the same as those in existing brochures)