field survey

Organizations, both large and small, come up against competitive standards in the ever fluctuating economy. They face accelerated demands on resources in response to growth in business. As a result, they need to find cost effective ways to economically manage their reserves and plan effectively into the future. Reliable and proven IT solutions help them manage growth without compromise and at the same time meet and exceed the demands of their partners and clients.

The vast expanse of field area may pose complications in surveying and data collection. The process of gathering data is long and involved. It has to be carefully managed to ensure high levels of accuracy whilst minimizing cost. Subsequent integration of data with information from other sources is required which is then input into manageable system followed by final analysis. All of this can mount up to be a time exhausting and error prone task.

Enterprises realize that to improve productivity, efficiency and reliability, the process needs to be streamlined and as automated as possible. Manual data gathering and processing can be a time consuming process. In some cases it may tend to be dull, dirty and dangerous. The task usually involves reading, writing and then keypunching the data first to paper and then to computer. Each of these steps takes up a lot of time and presents an opportunity for reading or transcription error. “Binary” attributes such as pass or fail condition in a simple safety test are easy to observe and collect. However, qualitative attributes add complexity and may require instructive information such as physical location and individual comments on part of the administrator. There may be issues with handwriting comprehension or incorrect location being tagged. Servicemen often end up spending more time on data entry than actual field survey. Also, both the staff at the ground and administration at the office have little or no access to real time data and changes. Instant updating is not possible. Firms cannot afford delays and errors in such circumstances.

Our field survey and data traceability solution streamlines enterprise level field data collection. Ensuring measurement integrity, it eliminates sources of error. As the electronic data capture is automated, agility of operation and cost effectiveness are achieved. The software is fuelled by quality instrumentation and unparalleled client support. It provides utility for a wide spectrum such as forestry, range, natural resources, water resources, meteorological surveys etc. Central reporting, management and accessibility over GPRS/3G network results in real time updating of reports. Automated functions make it easy for field crews to learn applications and quickly get information back to the office with improved data integrity.By enabling field operators to do quick data entry, automated field calculations and number validation conveniently, it allows scope for surveying large areas in short span of time. In many instances, a team of employees entering information can be reduced to a single employee overseeing the entire process - this produces a concrete, measurable ROI.

Prime element of the customized solution is a handheld mobile computer (xyz) / Tablet with inbuilt barcode scanner and support for 3G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth which facilitate real time updating and GPS tagging. The other part is forms based tailored software. Data is input in the electronic form, images are captured and GPS location is tagged. The solution will automatically integrate the GPS data and imagery into data form. This intelligence is sent over the central server, in real time, over the air, on any data network.

The system is capable for both online and offline functioning. The software makes sure that the survey objectives are met. It can be tailored for mass mailings and approvals. Provision for statistical analyzing of collected data can also be made.

The mobility solution leverages the strengths of portable data collection systems and the ability to integrate virtually any data to allow full traceability, analysis and reporting. By introducing operational automation, it ushers in agility, cost effectiveness and accuracy.