Task management

While managing enterprise related tasks and complaints, you might have faced the age old question of whether to choose contemporary alternatives over conventional options. Alternative options provide automation, agility and cost effectiveness thus rendering levels of efficiency which their traditional counterparts cannot accomplish.

Task management is the process of managing tasks through its life cycle. It involves planning, testing, tracking and reporting. Aspects of tasks that are managed are status, priority, time, human and financial resources, assignments, recurrence, notifications etc.

The conventional approach of management would be manual efforts which involve too much reliance on paper based work lists. It may lead to unseen cases of disrupted and incomplete actions. Your resources might not be used up to their optimum potential. Manual control of operations proves to be a center of strain for management as there are umpteen areas to be monitored.

Automated enterprise task management solutions counter all of that. They enable you to handle issues more efficiently with powerful task management platform. It curbs strain on management and fuels productivity. A flexible framework is employed to manage the following:

  • Automate manual processes to help save time and improve workflows with consistent process and quality standards
  • Give authorized personnel visibility into all appropriate workflows.
  • Provide robust reporting metrics for deeper data analysis
  • Form executive staff to action personnel, the solution helps transform repetitive business workflows
  • Track diverse tasks and information flows with fewer resources in less time.
  • Measure the success of your programs with powerful tracking and analytic tools that deliver key performance indicators.

The solution requires the action personnel to carry a mobile handheld device which is linked to the central database through wi-fi. They scan the tag present at the workplace to feed the updated details of the particular task assigned to them, to the database. The management keeps tab of these updates through notifications, alerts etc. and take actions if required. The mobile device is a compact wearable computer that empowers the workers with barcode scanning, long battery life, and push to talk and software that supports task management.

The program keeps record of vital metrics such as task number, assigned staff, estimated time of completion and program status. The reports are entirely searchable at any point, allowing managers to double check or update the status of ongoing or completed projects at their leisure.

Moreover, a new hire can jump right in, with minimal training and become a productive member of operation.

Therefore, the solution stands proof of a technology combined with effective business process that creates a sustainable value and provides utility for driving impactful improvement to your work cycle efficiency.