warehouse management

A growing yet challenging economy calls for doing more with less, be it more productivity with less investment or more efficiency with less efforts, all of it becomes a business imperative. Managers everywhere are laser focussed on operational adeptness and agility which renders improved productivity and efficiency.

This becomes more crucial in case of Warehouse management as they are an indispensable part of supply chain in all business. Every minute raw materials and finished goods move in and out through the warehouse. Whether one is shipping finished goods to retailers, orders to customers or moving raw material to replenish a production line, the effectiveness of a warehouse impacts every aspect of supply chain, business health and profitability.

In such a scenario, anything less than peak efficiency can result in inventory problems, production bottlenecks, delays in order fulfilment, real or false stock-outs and more. These slowdowns and errors ripple off and may cause reputational damage with business partners and customers. A dose of mobility and automation for entry & handling of data and tracking products can work wonders for curbing the aforementioned issues.

Traditionally, warehouse management functions such as data entry, maintenance of records and product tracking are carried out manually on paper. These systems are simple and useful to a certain degree but leave ample room for errors, slowdown and limited visibility into the bigger picture. The overall efficiency is often pulled down owing to these minor glitches.

Automated software driven warehouse management solution allows companies to incorporate real time data capture and printing technologies into their warehouse infrastructure. The common warehouse tasks of raw/finished goods inventory, inventory management, directed picking and put-away, replenishment, packaging and supply chain logistics can all be optimized to save time to make for greater profits. For ex: in the receiving area a warehouse operator can scan and identify incoming shipments and then reroute, inspect or re-label them. Similarly, in the shipping area an operator can scan outgoing packages to ensure order accuracy and can route them accordingly to the correct dock door or carry out any required value-added services as prompted on the mobile device.

Our system can be used as a standalone application or be integrated with your existing planning and management system. The essential components of the solution are: Solution software, RFID system, mobile computers, scanners, labelling equipment and wireless infrastructure.

  • SolutionSoftware– It facilitates functions in hardware devices such as mobile computers, tags and readers. The functions that are available and the general process flow are customized according to the specific customer needs.. Many applications are modular and can be expanded with additional functions like real-time transactions and integration with existing systems.
  • RFID System – The setup comprising of programmable rfid tags, readers and
  • Mobile computers- Mobile computers provide the tools and information a warehouse worker will need on the fly for every task they work on. Choosing a unit that is easy to use and can handle the ruggedness of your environment is central to the effectiveness of your WMS.
  • Barcode Scanner - Not all functions in your warehouse may need mobile devices but still require scanning. Scanners offer a range of durability, long range or 2D scanning and cordless operation to fit your specific needs.
  • Wireless Infrastructure - Many businesses need system updates to occur in real-time and a wireless network required to do so. No matter the size of your facility, a network can be scaled to accommodate it and your bandwidth needs.
  • Barcode Printer - Inventory and shipping labels are necessary for any warehouse to process inventory. Fixed and mobile printers can be utilized to ensure that everything has a scan able ID so it can be sorted and shipped properly.

With the right solution in place you can scale your system as your business needs grow, no matter what your line of business or industry is. Our solution delivers a complete system that fits your specific needs.

Key benefits

  • Real-Time Communication - Data collected on mobile computers in a WLAN-enabled environment can be transmitted immediately to the central database.
  • Accuracy - Removes human error from the equation with automated data capture.
  • Productivity - Increases productivity through terminal messaging, sequenced pick and put away procedures and paperless picking and receiving.
  • Integration - Interface with existing accounting and management systems to reconcile shipments received against orders placed.