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Aviation is one of our major success stories. Our solutions are Integrated with all major DCSs. Caters to Indian carriers.

Passenger Reconciliation
Baggage Management
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Mobile Boarding

PAX Boarding is Hand held device based android application. It is designed and developed in simple and intuitive way, which caters the airline needs of PAX Boarding at airport. These devices will scan the boarding passes and validate the boarding pass data against regulatory requirements and the airline business rules.

  • Extremely easy to deploy and very user friendly.
  • Checks and validates PAX information.
  • Audio alert and bright indicators ensure highly efficient PAX processing.
  • Updates DCS in real time.

Baggage Reconciliation System (BRS)

Baggage Reconciliation System (BRS) is the most advanced, comprehensive and flexible baggage solution integrated with departure control system and capable of consuming IATA messages through various channels. The system automates baggage tracking and the reconciliation process at the airports conveniently and facilitates the authorities to monitor the movement and loading of baggage from the baggage makeup area (BMA) onto the trollies/ULDs inside the airport during the departure process.

Maxworth BRS solution comprises of following salient features:

  • Optimizing the baggage reconciliation process
  • Minimizing baggage transfer time
  • Tracking and monitoring movement of bags through various baggage events
  • Providing real-time information for loading and unloading baggages
  • Mapping baggage to Trolleys and flights
  • Verifying loaded bags against manifest and recording / reporting mismatch
  • Provides the details of Flight , Total bags, Offloaded, Reconciled, Pending, and Inbound bags

Passenger Reconciliation System (PRS)

Passenger Reconciliation System allows the Airport Security Staff to verify the Checked-in and Boarded Passengers who are entering the aircraft.

The Pax Reconciliation System App is the user interface screen on the handheld device (HHD) that will be used for doing reconciliation of passenger at ladder point this application will allow only authentic PAX on the flight by scanning the boarding passes. Application will also give additional information on device like total Checked-in pax, Gate boarded pax, Yet to board pax, PRS Reconcile count, Transit Pax details and Total on Board in the device itself.

Passenger Reconciliation System (PRS)” comprises of an Android app installed on hand-held devices (HHD) for scanning and reconciliations of Passenger boarding passes. The App runs in online/offline mode, on handheld scanning devices. It serves as a platform where passenger reconciliation can be carried out conveniently aboard the aircraft or just before entering aircraft.

Salient Features:

  • Right Passenger on the Right Flight
  • Higher Operational Efficiency
  • Provides a better insight into passenger movement
  • Reduced manual follow up and timeout of processes
  • Increased visibility and easy boarding tracking
  • Access to dashboard in real time
  • Helps in fast boarding
  • Cross verification of Total Guests On Board
  • Individual User login facility
  • Enhance the alertness of security staff to promptly identify any wrong boarding case
  • Provisions of manual reconciliation of infant PAX and other PAX (unscanned boarding pass) is available